Richter Spielgerate GmbH

As 3K İnşaat İç ve Dış Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ., we act as the representative of Richter Spielgerate, a prominent brand in Game Groups throughout the world, in Turkey and Middle East region. Richter Spielgerate sees provision of playgrounds as a social requirement. Primarily, need for play should be satisfied to develop personalities of the children and the young and adult should also see playgrounds as an enjoyable recreation area. Our product categories have been designed for each age group. Play value and safety as much as possible are among our primary principles. To provide appropriate areas in which the children and young should play decisively by themselves is our main principle.


Urban Furniture

We try to touch with people and correctly understand their needs and eagerly work to share our information, recommendations and solutions in all of our projects regardless of their scale by tracking the whole process from manufacturing to delivery in order to maximize satisfaction of our customers.

Accordingly, 3K İnşaat manufacture specially designed or standard urban furniture products in many large-scale projects by fundamentally taking human as the keystone.